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The college years aren’t only a time of hard work, they are also the years of cramped dorm rooms and tiny shared apartments.

Small spaces seem to become dirtier faster, especially when roommates are involved. Furthermore, a dorm room is often the first time a person is out on his or her own and responsible for cleaning his or her own living space. Avoid a messy living space, and help the environment, by using eco friendly cleaning supplies in your dorm or apartment. Eco friendly cleaning supplies have quite a few advantages over standard, commercial varieties for people with tiny living areas.

First, they take up less space in small quarters. Concentrated solutions come packaged in one large container instead of numerous smaller bottles. They are easy to use – simply dilute the contents with some water and get cleaning! All-purpose cleaners, like Pure and Gentle’s Econcentrate, work well to clean almost everything in your new home. Our all-purpose cleaners come in a standard variety as well as a disinfectant version. These products replace up to 20 conventional cleaners, reducing the amount of clutter you need to keep your dorm livable.

Concentrated eco friendly cleaning supplies are also less expensive! This makes them ideal for the college student on a budget. One bottle of concentrate lasts a long time and could be the only bottle you need to purchase for an entire semester!

Pure and Gentle also provides eco friendly cleaning supplies for dishes. Our dish soaps are mild, yet effective. They are also concentrated to reduce clutter in tiny, shared kitchens.

Eco friendly cleaning supplies provide simplicity, price, and clutter reduction that you just can’t find with conventional cleaners. These qualities also make them better for the environment. Concentrates produce less packaging waste. The solutions themselves are safer for the earth and for you. Stock up simply, and keep your small space tidy, with eco friendly cleaning supplies from Pure and Gentle!

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