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Eco-Friendly. It is a word that is thrown around quite a bit these days, but what does it mean? For some companies, it may mean they use a few green elements in manufacturing or creating their product. Or, maybe the product is packaged in recycled paper. So what do we mean at Pure & Gentle when we say we have eco-friendly soap? It means we have made every effort to create a product that has the lowest amount of impact on the environment, from start to finish. Here are some of the ways we make our soaps eco-friendly.

Our Facility
The first step in creating eco-friendly products is having a manufacturing facility that is as carbon neutral as possible. We have a carbon neutral facility and our company has been registered and verified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Climate Leader. We are also registered with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and FDA. We believe to be truly eco-friendly, it all starts with running a business from a green prospective from floor to ceiling.

Concentrated, Natural Soap Products
Another component of creating eco-friendly soaps is how they are made and which ingredients go into making them. To start, we use only natural ingredients in our soaps. This means no dyes, phosphates, preservatives and no volatile organics are used to make our soaps. All our soaps are plant-based and are biodegradable, making them safe for our customers and safe for the environment when they enter the water system.

Another element to making eco-friendly soap is concentration. Our soaps are ultra-concentrated, meaning less soap needs to be used, requiring less packaging. In the long run, by concentrating our soaps, we greatly reduce the effects on the environments due to manufacturing, packaging, transporting and disposing of our products.

Packaging and Shipping
It is not enough for us to make an eco-friendly soap in a carbon neutral facility. At Pure & Gentle, we go a step further to reduce waste by using green packaging and shipping methods. For packaging, we have reduced our packing by 75% and use recycled materials whenever possible. In addition, we use carbon neutral shipping methods to reduce effects on the environment as our soaps are shipped all over the world.

No Animal Testing and Cruelty-Free
We believe that animals are a part of our environment and to be eco-friendly, a product must be animal-friendly. Our soaps are never tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal by-products. Pure & Gentle has been verified to be cruelty-free from the Leaping Bunny.

Due to all our efforts to create truly eco-friendly soaps, we have been honored with awards and recognition for being a green business. Pure & Gentle received the Champion Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative award from the EPA, the highest award for environmental stewardship given by the agency. So, when we label and claim our soaps are eco-friendly, it goes much deeper than just using a few green ingredients or methods. You can enjoy our excellent soaps knowing that every effort was made to reduce the impact on the environment from start to finish.

Our mission leads the way.