Green Living


Relaxation comes in many forms, but everyone needs a hobby! These activities help you relax after a long day and keep you busy during stretches of downtime.

Green hobbies exist for people of all types and can be found indoors and out. These activities provide the opportunity to put less strain on the environment without sacrificing the fun and relaxation of doing something you enjoy.

The outdoors provides an array of green hobbies year round. Biking and running are great ideas for warmer months. Biking has the added benefit of being a green mode of transportation to most areas you need to visit. Bike trips can last anywhere from a few miles to a long commute. This activity is easily shared with friends or family. A longer bike ride or run in a nature preserve or park allows you to exercise as you take in the beauty of nature.

Gardening is another idea for those in search of green hobbies. Gardening uses a simple patch of earth as a starting point. From there, you need only decide whether you want to grow food, flowers, or both. A more experienced gardener can start with seeds. Ready-sprouted plants are also available at most garden supply shops for people with less time to devote. Your garden can revitalize your yard or provide food for the table. Create your own mulch from kitchen waste for richer growth while cutting back on garbage.

Depending on the region you live in, outdoor activities might be limited during the cold winter months. Often, bundling up and enjoying the snow is the only option. Sledding with the family is a popular activity with little to no environmental strain. You could also build a fantastic snow fort in your yard, complete with a no-holds-barred snowball fight! Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in a rural area are two more ideas for outdoor green hobbies in snowier climates. Try to stay closer to home to cut down on the environmental impact of long road trips.

Extreme climates, both hot and cold, call for hobbies that take place indoors. Reading provides one of the best avenues for eco-friendly indoor relaxation. This hobby consumes no electricity and is only limited by the time you have to devote. A truly good book can be read several times. Curl up in your favorite chair with a good book in the winter or sit on the porch in the summer. Rent a few of your favorite titles from a local library to experience one of the best green hobbies available!

Crafting isn’t just for grandmothers. This hobby has been gaining popularity in younger circles and provides a multitude of options. This umbrella term applies to a number of green hobbies that can be shared or done alone. Re-use forms the heart of most crafting projects. Quilting transforms old fabric scraps into beloved blankets. Knitters often re-use remnants and scraps for stunning articles of clothing. Scrap booking uses old photographs for fun displays. A bit of inspiration can come from anywhere, and you may find yourself looking at unused or old cloth in a new way. Crafting may take a bit of learning at first, but once you have the know-how, this hobby is sure to become your favorite way to pass the time.

Indoors or out, green hobbies give you something enjoyable to do without involving large quantities of electricity. A bike is reusable, books are re-readable, and needles don’t wear out over time. Whether you choose to share your hobby with a group of friends or go it alone, these hobbies will keep you relaxed and busy without putting strain on the environment.

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