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For the second year in a row, Pure & Gentle is honored to be recognized as a Manufacturing Leadership Awards winner for our outstanding achievement in Sustainability in Manufacturing. 

With our 100% biodegradable, non-toxic concentrate home and skincare products, we’ve worked to put the health of people, pets, and planet first for almost forty years. And over the past decade, Pure & Gentle has taken steps to become a carbon-neutral manufacturing facility by diminishing our impact on the planet and reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint. 

But this year we asked ourselves how we can raise the bar and go beyond being carbon-neutral, move toward carbon-negative, and began taking measures toward this goal. Carbon-negative means, in effect, that you emit less than zero carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) greenhouse gasses. 

So we’ve begun transitioning from carbon-neutral to carbon-negative. We anticipate achieving our goal by:

  • making environmentally conscious choices in our packaging, 
  • transitioning to renewable energy sources and limiting Scope 3 emissions, and
  • committing to a higher level of carbon offsets. 

Our goal is to join the ranks of other highly respected sustainable corporations throughout the world that will achieve carbon-negative status within the next decade.

Currently, our existing carbon-neutral facility – in combination with our environmentally sensitive processes – produces less waste and eliminates up to 95% of the standard packaging materials and shipping burden commonly associated with most traditional retail consumer-packaged goods. This significantly contributes to a cleaner community and a better world. 

And since 2015, Pure & Gentle has combined the quality assurance practices of ISO and cGMP with our environmental awareness practices. The result is high-quality products that minimize adverse impacts on the planet. In fact, since 2015 Pure & Gentle’s concentrated products have eliminated 3.5 million pounds of plastic waste and pollution because of our product formulations. That represents over 733 cubic feet of plastic spared from landfills each day, 22,000 cubic feet each month, adding up to over 6MIL lbs. of plastic to date. 

But we set big goals and want to do more, and our carbon-negative mission will help get us there. With our investment in environmentally conscious packaging, we estimate a dramatic increase in these numbers within the next two years. And that’s because at the heart of all that we do is building a healthier, more sustainable planet for future generations. 

(From left to right), 
Darin Klaehn, Lea Elaine Green, Brenda Blount, 
John Blount, Katherine Slone, and Billy Slone in the MLC Awards event.
(From left to right) Darin Klaehn, Lea Elaine Green, Brenda Blount, John Blount, Katherine Slone, and Billy Slone in the Manufacturing Leadership Awards event.

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