Healthy Cleaning


These cleaners are available for nearly all the cleaning tasks your home may need, and they only require simple dilution before use. Only one product is needed for most jobs around the home, and you can cut down on cleaning cupboard clutter while using eco friendly products! Choosing concentrated cleaners also saves you money over time. You only need to purchase one large bottle of an all-purpose cleaner to handle most household tasks. Do your home, and the environment, a favor by choosing to use concentrated cleaning products from Pure & Gentle!

How to Use Concentrated Cleaners

Concentrated cleaners, such as Pure & Gentle’s, come with two packages to make cleaning at home an easier process with less need for excess packaging. The first bottle is large and contains the solution. The second is a smaller, easier to handle bottle. Dilute the concentrates according to specific product guidelines and keep the usable diluted cleaner in the spray bottle. Performing this step is as easy as adding water and sometimes shaking your for-use bottle.

Why to Use Concentrated Cleaners

Concentrated cleaners require less space over all. All-purpose cleaners replace specific products for a more streamlined cleaning cupboard. All-purpose cleaners cut down on clutter, making them ideal for smaller homes with less cupboard space available for devotion to cleaning products. They also cost less than conventional cleaners. You perform the dilution and reap the savings! Depending on the size of your home, a single bottle of concentrate can last a long time. This negates the need for trips to the store and re-orders, cutting down on the cost of transport! When you purchase concentrated cleaners from Pure & Gentle, you get the satisfaction of knowing that the shipping process is carbon neutral.

Job Specific Concentrated Cleaners

We have concentrated versions of almost any cleaner needed for both in and around your home. From doing the dishes to washing the car, there’s a concentrated cleaner that suits your needs. Our concentrated solutions for the laundry require you to use less product for great smelling, fresh, and clean clothes. You can also save money by using our car cleaning products instead of visiting a car wash. These concentrated cleaners are available to help you clean your car inside and out. Our dish liquids are also concentrated. We have versions for both hand washers and dishwashers. Also check out Pure & Gentle’s line of concentrated cleaners for the shower! A concentrated bottle of shampoo leaves your hair salon-soft while allowing you to use less product.

All Purpose Concentrated Cleaners

When it comes time to clean the bathroom or kitchen, choose an all-purpose cleaner! All-purpose cleaners allow you to mop the floor, clean the sink, and shine the faucets with just one simple spray! Such cleaners work for most jobs around the home. All-purpose concentrated cleaners replace up to 20 separate cleaners you may have cluttering up your cleaning cupboard. Dilute a large amount in a bucket when you do an all-over house cleaning and conserve water as you wash up.

Pure & Gentle’s concentrated cleaners come with an added bonus: environmental friendliness. Not only do our concentrates require less packaging, the solutions themselves are naturally derived. This makes them safer for use, safer for those in your home, and safer for the planet. Our packaging is also greener, and most empty bottles are recyclable. We manufacture our concentrated cleaners in a carbon neutral facility as well. From production to shipping, concentrated cleaners from Pure & Gentle provide an easy step to make your cleaning process more eco friendly!

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