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In 2002 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Climate Leaders program as an industry-government partnership that would combat climate change by developing effective strategies that would positively impact the environment. This federal voluntary support program centralized initiatives that were developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the safety of the environment. Since the creation of the program, several manufacturers in a variety of different industries have been honored and given the EPA Climate Leader distinction. When you are researching environmentally-friendly products, it’s important to understand what this distinction means and how these companies are dedicated to sustaining the planet.

The EPA Climate Leader program currently has a total of 35 charter partners including Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Partners in this program receive the distinction for contributing to the advancement of management practices that will positively impact the global environment. These partners have effective quality management processes and reduction goals that are set at the beginning of each year. Partners will also report progress towards achieving their goals to the EPA so that the agency can track accomplishments and monitor environmental progress.

All partners of the program must make a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This commitment involves taking an inventory of all emission sources, including nonylphenol ethoxylates, setting an aggressive reduction goal of these sources, and developing an effective management plan that will make their goals achievable. Since we are aware of the current effects of emissions on the planet, it is important to support partners who are taking a proactive step towards emission reduction. If you are looking for a partner in the cleaning industry, then investing in Pure and Gentle Soap products is a step in the right direction. This company is committed to analyzing the environmental impact of products from start to finish to ensure the planet does not suffer in order for homes and businesses to remain clean.

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