Purely committed.

Caring for over thirty years.

For over three decades, Pure & Gentle has put the health of our planet at the forefront of all we do. We show it with our plant-based, ultra-concentrated laundry, and personal care products that are safe, effective, and 100% biodegradable. Pure & Gentle’s uniquely concentrated products also help minimize plastic waste – we’ve refined our products, processes, and packaging to reduce the shipping burden by over 75%.


One people, one planet.

We don’t want future generations to suffer tomorrow for choices made today. Pure & Gentle’s values are rooted in a commitment to the environment through:

  • Minimizing plastic waste and the shipping burden throughout our business with our unique, ultra concentrate solutions;
  • Formulating safe and effective products that are 100% biodegradable, with no volatile organics, dyes, or chemical preservatives;
  • Committing to no harm – no animals were used in developing or testing our products, we are Leaping Bunny® certified;

And each one of our products carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.

It’s a small world after all.

For over thirty years, our mission has been to create a healthier, more sustainable planet for future generations. It’s that simple. And that mission is our passion and at the heart of Pure & Gentle.

We believe that, when it comes to what you put on your body and bring into your home, simple, all-natural ingredients are better. That’s why you won’t find anything like dyes, phosphates, petroleum chemicals, or chemical preservatives listed on our label.

plastic bottle image


water bottles worth of plastic waste saved

In 2009, Pure & Gentle took action to further diminish our impact on the planet by identifying our greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint and reducing it. Greenhouse gases (GHG) are a type of gas that contribute to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation and damaging our environment. After the audit, we learned that a large portion of emissions were a result of outbound transportation and set goals to reduce emissions for the next year. We started by reducing packaging by 55% and freight weights by 50%, scaling emissions reduction each year since.

Currently, Pure & Gentle implements carbon-neutral shipping with its high-volume freight carriers. As a result, we’re on our way to achieving our emissions reduction goals for the year.


Good for people,
planet, and pets.

Our laundry soaps leave your clothes clean, bright, and free of stains, without the use of optical brighteners. Our dish soaps are free of phosphates and deliver stunning results with spotless, sparkling dishes. You can have peace of mind knowing everyone in your home – from your kids to your pets – is as safe as they are clean. Using products like ours is not only good for you, but it’s good for our planet, too.

We use a rating scale created by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a trusted non-profit organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. We use only EWG-certified level 1 or 2 ingredients, which means every ingredient in every Pure & Gentle product is plant-based, planet-friendly, and 100% biodegradable.


Less plastic + plant-based ingredients = a healthier planet.

Most personal and home care products like shampoo or laundry soap are actually 90-95% water. Companies ship millions of tons of water around the world in plastic containers, which impacts the planet in many ways. It’s bad for our carbon footprint and also increases plastic pollution in the environment.

Pure & Gentle’s ultra-concentrated shampoos, laundry detergents and soaps come in lightweight sachets, minimizing shipping costs and pollution. When they arrive, you add the water and you reuse the bottle. We don’t ship water in our products, you don’t pay for it, and the planet doesn’t suffer.

Though we don’t like to brag, our little company has been recognized in a big way by the EPA. Pure & Gentle is the recipient of the Champion Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative award, the highest honor they award for environmental stewardship. We’re also registered and verified as a Climate Leader by the EPA, and we’re registered as USDA-certified Biobased Product and are an active participant in the USDA BioPreferred program.

Our mission leads the way.