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We’re not new to natural.

Plant-based performance that’s proven. We’ve been creating products
using plant-based ingredients for over 30 years.


Because there’s
no Plan-et B.

Our ultra-concentrate products conserve water, are 100% biodegradable, and are made in a carbon-neutral facility. Because there’s no place like home.


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All-natural products designed for family care.



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Purely clean.

Powered by plants and
safe for babies, head to toe.


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Purely yours.

Create a unique & personal home with a custom fragrance.

Purely human.

Helping to build a better world for future generations is also about building better relationships, and we’re proud of the ones we share with our customers. Here are just a few of the kind words they share with us:

Pure and Gentle Soap is an amazing company! Not only do they have a quality product, but their soaps smell clean and natural. From someone who has worked in customer service for years, I appreciate when someone genuinely wants to help you and do whatever it takes to make you happy. I called Pure and Gentle Soap to get a soap scent switched out and Ruth was quick and efficient in figuring out how to make this possible…Overall, my experience with Pure and Gentle Soap and their customer service was stellar, and I would recommend this company to a friend. In a world of automated machines, it is nice to hear a friendly and helpful voice on the other line and that is what I experience with this company! We are lifetime customers 🙂

Julianne T.

Best soap company on the planet!!! My dry skin went away! It lasts and lasts!!!! Thank you pure and gentle!!!!

Stephen S.

I have sensitive skin and use the unscented PGI products and not only do they last a long time and save money with soft water because they’re concentrates, but they work very well too!

Randy J.

I can honestly say Pure & Gentle has exceeded my expectations. The products do so much, from getting my laundry clean and fresh to leavinb my skin remarkably soft…I have recommended Pure & Gentle and Rainsoft to many of my friends and family. It’s a pleasure doing business with Pure & Gentle. I have enjoyed their entire line of products!

Matt P.

Just a quick note to let you know that I really enjoy using the Oatmeal Bath & Body Bar. My skin feels so clean and refreshed. It makes a great lather and it makes me feel good knowing there are no harmful products going into my skin. Thanks for a great product.

Jackie L.

I just wanted to say how much we love the purer and gentle products. My favorite has to be the laundry detergent, it seems to last forever. And the oatmeal bar soap is fantastic for everyone in the house. I love not having to worry about reading labels in the store trying to find cleaning products that are not full of chemicals. And the ease of ordering once a year is fantastic. Just thought you should know that people are enjoying your product line.


I first found this product, when my family had a water treatment system installed in our home. I still have that subscription but when it runs out. I will be buying more.

Christina E.

We took a tour of the facility and it is quiet impressive. We are offering these all natural products with the purchase of one of our water softners. They let you design your own by letting you pick what natural smell you want in your soaps, shampoos and etc… these are concentrated products designed for soft water…it is truly amazing to see what you can save by having a water softner and buying all natural concentrated products! Really great people at this facility, from the top down!

Wanda L.

Came with the purchase of our water system and we absolutely love the soaps! Can’t belive we got 5 years of free soap! Love the way it smells and works even better! 5 Stars all the way around!!

Jacob P.

The other day you helped me with my broken laundry sachet and missing mixer bottles. I was nervous about calling because it was my first experience with the company and wasn’t sure what kind of experience I would have. It was excellent! Quick, friendly, and efficient! You resolved my issue without any trouble and were so kind, just what I needed for a first experience with Pure and Gentle. Additionally, you asked me what my favorite product was. It’s been a couple days of using them and my favorite, by leaps and bounds, is the glycerin bars!!! I have stopped using my regular face wash and my shaving creams, replacing them with Pure and Gentle glycerin. My skin is so soft and my razor feels like new Every. Single. Time! It seems the red blotchiness from my face is lessening and it’s only been a few days! I’m even using it for my kids at bath time. My husband is about to switch from his [brand name omitted] soap (which he’s been loyal to for 20 years)! So far, I love all the products (second is the hand soap, which is amazing!) and am grateful to have these in my home.

Rachel S.

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