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DISC Profile Assessment

Pure & Gentle requires all employment applicants to take a brief profile assessment as a part of the application process.

Note: This is NOT a test and there are no right or wrong answers.


The DISC Profile Assessment consists of 24 questions. Within each question, click the thumbs up image [insert up icon image] next to the characteristic that MOST describes you in your work setting and click the thumbs down image [insert down icon image] next to the characteristic that LEAST describes you. Here’s how this would look:

Tip: There must be one [Insert up icon] and one [insert down icon] for each question. You cannot click both [insert up] and [insert down] for the same characteristic.

DISC Profile Assessment Questions

Gentle, kindly

Persuasive, convincing

Humble, reserved, modest

Original, inventive, individualistic

Aggressive, takes action

Entertaining, outgoing

Naïve, easy to take advantage of

Fearful, afraid

Attractive, charming, attracts others

Cooperative, agreeable

Stubborn, unyielding

Sweet, pleasing

Cautious, careful

Determined, decided, stand firm

Convincing, assuring

Good-natured, pleasant

Easily led, follower

Bold, daring

Loyal, faithful, devoted

Charming, delightful

Willing, go along with

Eager, anxious

Agreeable, consenting

High-spirited, lively, enthusiastic

Open-minded, receptive

Obliging, helpful

Willpower, strong-willed

Cheerful, joyful

Confident, assured

Sympathetic, compassionate


Assertive, aggressive

Jovial, joking

Precise, exact

Nervy, gutsy, brazen

Even-tempered, calm

Well-disciplined, self-controlled

Generous, willing to share

Animated, highly expressive

Persistent, refuses to quit

Competitive, seeking to win

Considerate, thoughtful, caring

Outgoing, fun-loving, social

Harmonious, agreeable

Admirable, deserving of praise

Kind, willing to give, helpful

Resigned, gives in

Force of character, powerful

Fussy, hard to please

Obedient, dutiful

Unconquerable, determined

Playful, full of fun

Respectful, shows respect

Pioneering, enterprising

Optimistic, positive view

Accommodating, want to please

Brave, unafraid, courageous

Inspiring, motivating

Submissive, yielding, gives in

Shy, quiet

Argumentative, confronting

Adaptable, flexible

Casually indifferent, lacks concern

Light-hearted, carefree


Patient, steady, tolerant

Self-reliant, independent

Soft-spoken, mild, reserved

Trusting, faith in others

Content, satisfied

Vigorous, energetic

Peaceful, tranquil


Receptive, open to suggestions

Warm, friendly

Moderate, avoid extremes

Likes being with others

Educated, knowledgeable

Vigorous, energetic

Tolerant of others, lenient

Talkative, chatty

Controlled, restrained

Conventional, does things the usual way

Decisive, makes firm decisions

Easy to be with

Accurate, correct

Outspoken, speaks freely

Restrained, reserved, controlled

Polished smooth-talker

Daring, risk-taker

Diplomatic, tactful to people

Satisfied, content, pleased

Restless, unable to relax

Neighborly, friendly

Popular, liked by most people

Orderly, neat, organized

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