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We did it again! For the third year in a row, Pure & Gentle is honored to be recognized as a Manufacturing Leadership Awards winner – and this year, we are thrilled to acknowledged twice: it’s our third win for our outstanding achievement in Sustainability in Manufacturing and our first for Enterprise Integration and Technology.

Since our company’s beginning 40 years ago, Pure & Gentle has prioritized the health of people, pets, and planet by formulating 100% biodegradable, non-toxic concentrate products for home and personal care. And this knowledge and experience drives our ongoing success and innovation. In 2009, Pure & Gentle became a carbon-neutral manufacturing facility by reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint and diminishing our impact on the environment.

Introducing: pouch packaging

Pure & Gentle sees sustainability as vital to future and growth, not only in the products we manufacture but in our manufacturing processes and facility as well. That’s why a significant part of our first award is due to our latest innovation: pouch packaging. Just think about it: given our current environmental challenges, recycling simply isn’t enough to overcome the sheer amount of plastic waste being produced. A 2022 report by

Greenpeace estimates that over 96% of plastic is not being recycled1. Instead, both reducing and reusing represent more realistic choices for improving the health of our planet. Pouches offer a packaging solution that is both convenient and environmentally-friendly by:

  • using up to 60% less plastic than rigid plastic bottles;
  • producing significantly less landfill waste;
  • reducing shipping pollution by requiring fewer trucks on the road (7 to 1 vs. rigid PET bottles);
  • requiring approximately 50% less energy to produce;
  • generating fewer CO2 emissions during production;
  • allowing for near total evacuation of the product; and
  • are conveniently lighter, more portable, and easier to store.

We estimate that by transitioning from bottles to pouch packaging, paired with our eConcentrate® product formulations, pouches will require 95-99% less landfill space than traditional bottles by volume.

Pure & Gentle’s New Pouch Design

Introducing: the custom digital dealer portal

The second award honored Pure & Gentle for another innovation, our new digital Dealer Portal. We developed a customized, permissions-based digital portal environment that integrates with our ERP system. All data feeds through a series of automated and semi-automated systems that digitize and offload manual customer support tasks, improving accuracy, operations, and accounting. This has increased digital automation of both Pure & Gentle field sales and redemption orders and integrated orders & data flow between dealers & Pure & Gentle. The Dealer Portal also allows our partner dealers to conduct a variety of tasks digitally, including reviewing and approving orders, assigning user roles, and viewing order history. This removes a tremendous number of manual hours and tasks from Pure & Gentle’s customer service team, and both streamlines and enhances our communications with our customers.

As consumers grow increasingly aware of climate change and its impact on their lives, they expect brands and companies to make a difference by taking responsibility for their manufacturing and shipping processes. And we’re proud to bring innovations to our customers that help improve the planet’s future and the lives of our customers and partners.

Pure & Gentle wins two awards at Manufacturing Leadership Awards 2023
Pure & Gentle wins two awards at Manufacturing Leadership Awards 2023

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