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Organic detergent belongs in every eco-friendly home. While there are more than ten benefits from choosing organic detergent, this list discusses some of its top perks. Below is a ranking of the best benefits you will gain from choosing organic detergent and natural soap in place of cleansers made with chemicals.

1.     They are more effective – Organic detergent consistently outperforms traditional detergent, because plant-based ingredients work harder than chemical concoctions. Freshly laundered clothes come out of the wash without the gummy feeling that standard detergents can leave behind; dishes and glassware shine; floors and fixtures gleam. And best of all, you need less soap to achieve these noticeable levels of cleanliness in your home. You can be proud of your space without having to work as hard to make your home look beautiful.

2.     They are better for your skin – Your clothing touches your skin all day, and if you are using harsh cleansers in the washing machine, the residue left behind is also in contact with your skin. Our organic detergent is hypoallergenic to help people with skin sensitivities, so your clean clothes are comfortable, not irritating.

3.     They are more affordable – Organic detergent is usually sold in bulk, saving you more money per ounce of cleaning solution. Concentrated forms are even more cost effective as they allow you to dilute the detergent to the level you need, instead of relying on a manufacturer’s formula.

4.     You can stock up – Buying your organic detergent in bulk ensures that you always have the right soap on hand when you need it. Refilling your diluted bottle directly from your cupboard is easier than making a trip to the grocery store every time you run out of laundry detergent.

5.     They reduce packaging – Packaging waste is a concern for anyone who wants to live a greener life, and reduced packaging lessens your home’s waste output and saves space in your cleaning cupboard. Organic detergent often comes in a concentrated form, so by purchasing one large bottle of concentrate, you negate the need for several smaller bottles of the standard detergents. Along with the fact that you need less soap for each load, you are making your home much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

6.     They come in custom fragrances – Standard cleaners don’t offer many options when it comes to fragrance, and the only choices are often either the traditional soap smell or a citrus scent. Organic detergent, on the other hand, comes in a wide range of herbal scents to suit every taste, all derived from pure botanicals.

7.     They are septic-safe – Septic systems can be sensitive when it comes to what you can put into them without clogging them up. Mild soaps help you get the most out of a septic tank’s normal functions, and the natural qualities of organic detergent won’t interfere with the septic process and are perfectly safe for homes with these systems. 

8.     They are water-supply friendly – Eco-minded people show concern for the water supply even when their homes are connected to city sewers that lead to a water treatment facility. Run-off is unavoidable, but the biodegradable ingredients of organic detergent are much better for the environment in general. 

9.     They improve air quality – The ingredients of any cleaning product make their way into the air when used, and this includes sprays, detergents, and dish soaps. The natural ingredients of organic detergent are safer to breathe during use, making for a safer home environment for your family, pets, and yourself.

10.  They help you feel green – The best manufacturers of organic detergent live by the rule of eco-friendliness from design to production to packaging and distribution. These companies focus on producing high-quality products while making the smallest possible environmental impact. Pure and Gentle Soap is registered as a climate leader by the Environmental Protection Agency, and our facility is carbon neutral, as is our shipping. You can feel good about purchasing from companies that not only offer eco-friendly products, but also conduct their business in a planet-friendly manner.

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