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Do you know what’s in your laundry detergent? If you don’t, you should. The ingredients in your laundry detergent are left on your clothing, and they go down the drain and back into the environment. Some of the common ingredients used in commercially sold detergents can be harmful to both your family and the planet. To avoid exposure to these agents, check your laundry detergent to see if they contain any of these potentially hazardous ingredients.

• Diethanolamine. This common laundry soap ingredient has been shown to be toxic in animal studies, possibly causing liver, kidney and reproductive problems. It can also be irritable to the skin and eyes.
• Quaternium-15. Avoid this ingredient which can emit formaldehyde that is a toxic carcinogen, also known to irritate the skin.               
• Fragrances. Most fragrances added to laundry detergent to make them smell “fresh” or with a clean scent are extremely harmful. Many people are sensitive to these artificial fragrances, causing allergic reactions in the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Avoid any scented soaps that are not all-natural.
• VOCs. Most commercially sold laundry soaps contain what are referred to as volatile organic chemicals (VOC) that can be harmful both to humans and the environment. Unless the product specifically states that no VOCs are in the ingredients, you may be exposed to one or more of these chemicals.
• Optical brighteners. Synthetic chemicals that are added to many commercial laundry soaps to “brighten” clothes are toxic to the environment and harmful to those wearing clothing washed in these detergents. Optical brighteners stay on the clothing – you can actually see the substance using a UV light – and rubs off onto your skin, exposing you to it’s negative health effects.

Choosing A Laundry Soap Without Harmful Ingredients
Unfortunately, not all laundry soaps list all their ingredients on the packaging. It can be difficult to know exactly what is in the soaps you buy and what chemicals you are exposing your family to when you wash their clothes in these detergents. A good way to avoid these toxic substances is to buy all-natural laundry detergent, without the use of any of these ingredients.

At Pure & Gentle, we make all our household cleaners with natural ingredients, including our laundry detergent. Our Econcentrate Liquid Laundry Soap has everything you need to effectively and safely clean your clothes and fabrics, without any of the toxins that commercially sold laundry soaps often contain. Our laundry soap features:

• No VOCs
• No dyes or perfumes
• Biodegradable
• 100% natural ingredients
• Septic-safe
• Phosphate-free

Our laundry detergent is powerful enough to remove the allergens like dust mites, mold and pet pander, yet gentle enough to use on even your baby’s clothing. It is perfect for those with allergies to many common irritants in conventional soaps, using a hypo-allergenic formula. Like all our products, our laundry detergent is made in our carbon-neutral facility with reduced packaging to protect the environment. In addition, our soaps are gentle enough to be safe for use with septic systems.

Don’t expose your family to toxins every time they get dressed in the morning. Buy all-natural, safe laundry detergent from our product line at Pure & Gentle. Also, check out all our other natural household cleaners, soaps, shampoos, baby and pet products that are good for your family and safe for the environment.

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