Green Living


Traveling, shopping, and powering ten thousand more lights than usual hardly sounds like a green season, but you really can celebrate the holidays with the earth in mind. Holiday traditions don’t have to go out the window for eco friendly living; they just need to be altered a bit to become more sustainable. It isn’t just the gifts you buy but how you live, eat, and decorate during this season that really has an environmental effect.


  1. Send e-cards. They might not be quite as personal, but e-mailing your holiday updates will save you time and money, and save the earth trees.
  2. Reuse wrapping. Gift bags, tissue paper, and festive wrapping paper rolls can be one of the costliest parts of presents—and they tend to be the most environmentally destructive. Reducing packaging and waste is central to eco friendly living, so save past materials or use newspapers to wrap gifts.
  3. Reconsider lights. People love decorating their home and lawn for holidays, but the energy bills can skyrocket. To enjoy the tradition without using excessive amounts of power, switch to LED lights for your trim and tree.
  4. Find the greenest evergreens. If trees are a part of your holiday tradition, try to find one that’s sustainable. Even though they’re reusable, plastic trees aren’t good for the earth, and trees cut from a conventional farm don’t fare much better. Organic farms are certainly greener, but the best option, if possible, is to celebrate with a living tree.
  5. Remember the little things. If your home is a destination point for many friends and relatives, extensive cleaning will probably happen before, during, and after the holidays. Since cleaning supplies tend to have more toxins and environmentally destructive ingredients than anything else, make sure your products are green for true eco friendly living.

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