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Among the myriad ways to make your life a little more eco-friendly, one of the top choices involves buying from greener companies.

After all, you as a consumer make the final decision regarding which brands to support and which to stay away from. Whenever you shop, look for companies with greener practices! A little information on what to look for from eco-friendly companies can help you decide where to spend your money! Here are 6 aspects of a greener company.  

1. Production
The way your product is made has an affect on the environment. Look for information on the facility that makes your product. A greener company will often advertise a “carbon neutral facility,” and use no volatile chemicals in the production process.

2. Packaging
Normally, a greener company will use less packaging. Sometimes this means a company will sell concentrates to use less. Concentrates are a great solution to the packaging problem; you just dilute the product at home to lessen the number of bottles used.

Other times, it may mean that the company makes their packaging from recycled materials. Eco-friendly packaging is normally labeled on the container itself. Look for the post-consumer recycled content stamp somewhere around the UPC code.

3. Shipping
Shipping methods come into play whether you are purchasing online or from a local store. Of all the aspects of a greener company, this one may be the toughest to locate. It is normally not listed on the package itself, and you may have to hit the Internet to find the answer. For instance, here at Pure and Gentle Soap, we practice carbon neutral shipping, and we proudly state this on our website as one of our commitments to the environment and to you. Shipping practices of greener companies also include packaging. Excess packaging for shipping produces waste, some of which is not recyclable. Remember to recycle your shipping boxes and bubble wrap!

4. Practices
This feature of a greener company varies based on the type of company. For companies that make beauty products, such as makeup or shampoo, look for the little picture of a bunny by the ingredient lists. This stamp means that the company does not practice animal testing. Sometimes, it may say ‘cruelty-free’ near the bunny logo. Other times the bunny isn’t present, but a ‘no animal testing’ is displayed instead. A green company wouldn’t be very eco-friendly if they tested their products on animals!

The practices of a green food company run a wide gambit. Produce suppliers will advertise a lack of pesticides. Purveyors of canned goods may say that they don’t use preservatives and added chemicals.

No matter the type of company, check the ingredients!

5. Ingredients
There is a simple rule of thumb regarding ingredients: the fewer the chemicals, the better the product. This goes for food as well as cleaning products. A lower content of volatile chemicals is better for the safety of both your home and the environment. Some companies may not list every ingredient because their recipe is a defining factor for the quality of their products; secret ingredients are fine! Even in these cases, you should be able to recognize the non-secret components.

6. Availability of Information
A greener company tends to be proud of its environmental friendliness. Most eco friendly companies will have information on the above aspects readily available for consumers. They may even advertise it in their name! Company websites are a great place to find information on how green a business really is.

Whatever you buy, from cleaning products to clothing to food, take an important step toward an earth-friendly lifestyle by choosing to buy from a greener company. Once you find a company that fits the bill, stick with them! The only requirements from you are time and choice. Your home becomes a greener place with products from a greener company.

Our mission leads the way.