Healthy Planet


At the beginning of each new year, you want to make a fresh start and work toward achieving your goals. While it is common to want to improve yourself, a larger, more global goal is to improve how your life affects the world around you. The decisions you make every day make a difference, from the car you drive to the products you use. Make 2016 the year you reduce your carbon footprint by implementing these six simple changes in your life.

1. Reduce the electricity you use in your home. Powering your home is one of the biggest drains of energy and natural resources. Make a conscience effort to use less electricity by unplugging devices that aren’t being used, washing with cold water, using a laptop instead of a desktop and shutting off the lights when you leave a room. Always buy energy-efficient appliances when available.
2. Conserve on your commute. Find ways to reduce waste in your travels. Use public transportation, walk, ride a bike and drive energy-efficient vehicles as part of your efforts to leave a smaller carbon footprint this year.
3. Use all-natural products. As you know, chemicals are harmful for the environment. This year, make it a priority to consume less of these products. From household cleaners to your body lotion, choose all-natural products made without harmful chemicals that pollute the environment. Pure & Gentle products for your household cleaning and personal hygiene are made only with all-natural ingredients in an eco-friendly manner.
4. Reduce your paper consumption. The amount of energy used and greenhouse gases produced to create and dispose of paper products is astronomical. Whenever possible, use less paper in your work and personal life. Ditch disposable paper products like paper towels, paper plates and newspapers. Choose reusable options like dishes and cloth items. Send items digitally instead of printing off copies and read the news online.
5. Filter your own water. Don’t get caught up in the bottled water insanity. Filter your own water and reduce waste. Use a refillable bottle and an economical water-filtration option that will provide you with healthy, clean water without the giant carbon footprint left from using bottled water.
6. Buy products from green companies. Support companies that are reducing their own carbon footprints using green manufacturing and shipping practices.  At Pure & Gentle, we use a carbon-neutral facility to create our all-natural products. We also reduce our packaging by concentrating products whenever possible and use a carbon neutral shipping operation.

You can make a difference in the carbon footprint you leave by making small, yet significant, changes each and every day.  We hope you will make Pure & Gentle products one of those green choices in 2016! Check out our fantastic line of household, pet and personal products made with all-natural ingredients using green manufacturing methods. Let’s make the world a better place together!

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