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Harmful chemicals are all around us, and counterintuitively, they’re often labeled as cleaning supplies. Sterilizing toilets is one thing, but the products we put on our windows, floors, and even dishes have traditionally been filled with bleaches and dyes that harm our bodies and the environment. The only reason it’s accepted is because most manufacturers have established themselves too permanently to be challenged; we at Pure and Gentle think fighting for health is worth the effort. Protecting the home should be a priority for anyone, but dishes in particular deserve pure soap products, not dangerous chemicals.

When a floor is “clean enough to eat off of,” people are often referring to a lack of dust and grime; they’re not imagining how much ammonia, bleach, and artificial dyes would stick to their food if they actually went through with it. Of course, that’s just a saying, but it’s something to consider when buying dish soap. The products we use for removing grease will fill ceramic pores, will dry in incremental amounts on bowls until hot soups absorb them. Parents put safety locks on their laundry room cabinets, but their kids are still consuming chemicals if dishes aren’t washed with pure soap products.

Americans have a lot of freedom, and we’re allowed to buy junk food, sports cars, and handguns, even if those aren’t necessarily “safe.” Major manufacturers offer a similar choice, but just because chemically-ridden products are available doesn’t mean they’re good for you—or for your family. Toxic chemicals may be found in just about every home, but to keep yours safe, you should consider making that number every home minus one and buy pure soap products.

Our mission leads the way.