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Older, historic homes provide a gorgeous, unique dwelling place. Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a sprawling antique home, these types of homes add their own charm to the way you decorate.

For someone who is seeking to live a little greener, these types of homes pose their own unique set of challenges. They might not be water or energy efficient, and they can be a bit tougher to keep clean without chemical overload. Here are a few tips for eco friendly living in an older home.

When it comes to conserving energy, the same standards apply for eco friendly living in an older home as a modern one. Replace standard light bulbs with energy efficient ones. Energy efficient bulbs are available in ‘warmer’ colored versions for those who are concerned about preserving the vintage feel. Turn off all electronic devices at night or during the day. Take a look at energy star ratings on your appliances. If possible, take a look at the wiring in your house to make sure it is safe and above all, energy efficient.

As for cleaning, regular maintenance is the key. You want your home to look vintage, not dingy! Look for gentle cleaners that won’t damage your woodwork or linoleum. Eco friendly living involves choosing products that are safe for the environment. Pure and Gentle provides a few cleaners to help you keep your home looking great while helping you protect the environment. Since these cleaners contain no volatile chemicals, they are safe to use on most surfaces throughout your home. All purpose cleaner works for your doors, counters, and even wood floors!

Historic homes need more care and attention than a recently built place, but the end result is worth it. Updating an old house to fit modern standards of eco friendly living provides you with a unique spot to call home. Take a few steps to make your home a better place for the environment and enjoy the comforts of your historic home!

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