Green Living


Going green with your choice of commercial cleaning products provides benefits beyond environmental care. Pure & Gentle’s commercial cleaning products help you maintain a healthier environment for your workers and can even help your business save some cash on cleaning supplies. Our products often outperform traditional cleansers in terms of getting the job done – meaning you might even need to use less of them to keep your business looking its best. Green commercial cleaning products let you show respect for your employees, your planet, and your company’s budget.

Personal Health

Our commercial cleaning products are made with health firmly in mind. They contain no volatile chemicals, and many are hypoallergenic as well. The avoidance of aerosol sprays and harsh chemicals makes the air in your work place easier and safer to breathe. They are also gentle on sensitive skin-types and might provide relief for workers with allergies. These qualities could help you reduce sick days and increase productivity in the work place.

Monetary Concerns

Green commercial cleaning products beat most standard cleaners in the price department as well. Pure & Gentle’s commercial cleaning products are sold in a concentrated form. This cuts down on the cost of packaging and the environmental cost of packaging waste. Buying in bulk is much cheaper than buying singles, and concentrated solutions are the equivalent of buying in bulk, because less of the product is needed for cleaning jobs. These solutions may be diluted as needed for the task at hand. We also provide an all-purpose cleaner that might replace up to 30 conventional cleaners lying around your place of business.

Going Green

Of course, environmental concerns likely lie at the heart of your decision to go green with commercial cleaning products. Pure & Gentle’s products keep the safety of the planet firmly in mind. Our carbon-neutral facility and shipping carriers allow the production of truly eco-friendly products. The lack of damaging chemicals allows us to bring your business the many benefits of eco-friendly cleaning. Take a little initiative on saving the environment, worker-anguish, and money by giving our site a look. You’ll be glad that you did.

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