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Babies have incredibly sensitive skin, which needs to be pampered. They also need to avoid exposure to certain chemicals and ingredients that are relatively harmless to most adult skin. Luckily, Pure and Gentle Soap now offers a line of baby soap and care products to keep your young one clean, safe and eco-friendly! It’s never too early to share your green ideals with your children. Start them off right while taking care of their skin and hair with natural baby soap.

When searching for the best baby soap, it’s important to avoid a few specific ingredients. You won’t find these in our soaps, but it never hurts to know what to shy away from and why. Dyes and most fragrances make the list due to simple irritation. When soap contains these nebulous terms without any further explanation, the ingredients are probably derived from chemicals. These chemicals can cause rashes or chafing on very sensitive skin. Parabens are just bad news all around. These compounds mimic the effects of estrogen, and have been linked to hormonal damage later in life. PABA is a chemical that absorbs UV radiation and was used in the past to aid in sun protection. Since then, it has been labeled a high hazard by the Environmental Working Group as a carcinogen. It’s rarely used today, but it’s still best to check the label of baby soap to make sure.

As for the good stuff, Pure and Gentle Soap’s baby soap and care products are loaded with healthy plant-based cleansers and moisturizers. We supply two versions of baby soap for bath time. Both are tear-free, paraben-free, and dye free! The baby body shampoo provides a rich lather that makes bathing fun. This body shampoo also contains orange wax to enhance SPF protection after a dip in the water.  Vitamin E nourishes young skin to leave it feeling baby-soft all day. Our natural formula excels at removing any dirt and grime from baby’s daily adventures of getting into messes. The sulfate-free baby hair shampoo focuses on minimizing irritation while getting their fine hair clean. This baby soap is also PABA- and MABA-free.  It also contains orange wax to assist with sun protection. Made from the mildest plant-based cleansers available, either baby soap will leave your little one squeaky clean after a bath in the sink or the tub.

Follow up bath time with our healing baby care lotion! This lotion seeks to protect and moisturize young skin while helping to prevent chafing. We don’t use any lanolin, dyes, or fragrances as these ingredients can cause irritation. Instead, we use healing Arnica oil for penetrating moisture and a silky feel all over.

Bath-focused baby soap isn’t the only care product a parent needs to protect their young ones’ sensitive skin. The choice of safe laundry soap is equally important. Think of it this way: babies wear their clothes all day. Laundry soap leaves a residue behind after a wash no matter how many times you might run the rinse cycle. The ingredients of standard laundry soap could leave behind something that causes rashes or discomfort. Eco-friendly laundry soap for babies allows you to avoid these possibilities by way of a superior natural formula. Pure and Gentle’s laundry soap for babies does not leave a residue behind. It has also been pH adjusted for the most sensitive skin. There are no phosphates or volatile organic compounds or dyes. The clean powder fragrance makes even the dirtiest clothes come out smelling clean without aggravating any skin conditions. This baby soap is perfect for bedding, clothing, and even cloth diapers.

All of our products come in a concentrated form to save on packaging waste. This also means that you purchase more at one time to build a stock of great baby soap for any time the little one gets into a messy situation. The formulas themselves are made with eco-friendly ingredients that won’t case environmental damage on their way to the water treatment plant. These features make all of our soaps the right choice for a household that wishes to go green without sacrificing effectiveness.

Pure and Gentle Soap has long focused on making products that are perfect for sensitive skin, and our baby care line takes that gentleness to the next step. We don’t use harsh chemicals—only the good stuff your baby needs to stay clean. Our complete package contains a bottle of each of our soap and care products. This all-in-one package makes a great gift for new parents.

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