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As a mom, you do it all. Sometimes it can feel like you have more than you can handle. Well, did you know that you have a secret weapon? Most of us have them actually…a smartphone! With a click of a button, you can send your annual holiday card, organize your grocery list or have help come directly to your house. Today, we’re sharing the best health and organization apps for moms.  

Top Four Apps to Get Things Done

1.    Remember the Milk, free
The name says it all. This app is the “smart to-do app for busy people.” You can schedule whatever reminder you need (i.e. buy more eggs, conference calls, pick up kids from practice, etc.). Then, you can choose how to get reminded such as: an email, text or mobile notification. One of the best things is that it allows you to share your list…so if you can’t pick up the groceries, someone else can help!

2.    Ink Cards, free
Create beautiful holiday, birthday, thank-you notes through this app. There are hundreds of designs and you can even send it to your loved ones through the app! Say goodbye to buying stamps and handwriting everyone’s address (unless you enjoy it, that’s okay too).

3.    MyFitnessPal, free to download & subscription-based
It is one of the top rated health and fitness apps on iOS devices. You can track your food, set goals, log your exercises and connect with friends — all on the app. The app can show you a progress chart and nutrition report so you can see how you’re improving over time.

4.    TaskRabbit, free & cost is based on individual tasks
Do you have more errands than you have hours in the day? You can use TaskRabbit and someone will come to you! Moving or packing, yard work, lifting heavy items — describe the task you need and you’ll be matched with a “Tasker” to help you get the job done.

We salute every mom because even without these apps, you guys still get things done. If you try one of these apps, let us know which one is the most useful for you!

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