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You don’t need to buy a new home in order to live green. While a custom-built house with readily equipped solar panels and eco-conscious wiring is highly desirable, any house can be a haven for the environmentally friendly by taking a few simple steps. These three common features found in eco-friendly homes can be easily obtained without breaking the bank or making a big move.

• Efficient Appliances
This is one of the more expensive options, but it will pay off immensely over time. Green appliances require less power and water to operate, which lowers your bills and reduces your resource consumption. Eco-friendly homes are often fully equipped with highly efficient appliances and low-flow toilets, so be sure to look for the energy star rating on big purchases like refrigerators and furnaces, as well as smaller ones like microwaves and coffee pots.

• Programmable Thermostats
Everyone loves coming home to a comfortable environment, but in more extreme seasons this can present a problem for those who also wish to live green. Leaving the air conditioner or heating on all day while you’re at work wastes far too many resources, but a programmable thermostat can solve the issue. These devices adjust the temperature automatically once you input the timetable, allowing you to come home to the perfect temperature while knowing you weren’t wasting energy during the day. They are very affordable, with some models available for less than $60. Even with more expensive models, you’ll save much more money on bills than you spend on the device itself, and you’ll conserve a great amount of energy.

• Green Cleaners
Cleaning cabinets full of harsh chemicals have no place in today’s eco-friendly homes. The eco-friendly cleaning supply market has truly taken off in recent years, so the days of mixing baking soda and water for every task are long gone. The new green cleaners tend to work better than the old versions without relying on poisons, and are safer to inhale and much more gentle on your skin. Check out Pure and Gentle’s eco-friendly shop for a full line of natural cleaners to fit every chore.

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