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The holidays present a unique set of options for eco friendly living. Recycling, composting, and repurposing are a few tips that work year round.

However, an increase in entertaining and gift giving proposes new challenges to the green living enthusiast. Eco friendly living shouldn’t depend on impractical or costly solutions. Here are a few ideas to stay environmentally conscious without sacrificing a great looking home or spending too much. From set up to cleanup, practice eco friendly living for a healthy, green holiday!

Holiday decorating marks the beginning of the season. The act itself may encompass a full day spent with close family while stringing up lights and putting up the tree. Incorporate some eco friendly living practices into your festive decorations. If your family prefers a fresh tree, take the opportunity to visit a local tree farm. These businesses often have a great selection of sizes that fit any home’s needs – from the small apartment to the large family home. If possible, see if there is a tree farm in your area that offers recycling after the season. They can turn your tree into woodchips and mulch for future use.

When it comes to lights, choose LED and save on energy use. Colors or standard white varieties are both available at many hardware stores. Eco friendly living options also exist for all the little details that help ready your home for the season. Table centerpieces and mantle decorations are fairly common for people who love to entertain. Repurposed and vintage decorations provide a great way to re-use old things instead of purchasing new. You could also decorate with locally grown cranberries and evergreen fronds from local farmers. After the season, mulch these decorations to cut down on waste.

Entertaining guests is almost mandatory for many households. Even if the main holiday dinner takes place outside your home, old friends and family might want to pop by your place for a smaller gathering at some point. Eco friendly living solutions for entertaining range from the food and drinks you serve to the necessary cleaning after a small party. When it comes to delicious consumables, organic and local simply can’t be beat. Organic groceries are grown and raised by people who use more natural processes, making them better for the environment. They also lack unhealthy chemical elements, which make them healthier for you and your guests.

Locally grown ingredients lessen the environmental strain of shipping, as well as help to ensure the freshness of your product. The same practices can be applied to beer, liquor, and wine. Microbreweries and wineries are popping up all over the country. Their products add a unique, local flair to your party. They often cost less when purchased from the place they are made, giving you a little financial break while still enjoying high quality drinks.

Eco friendly living encompasses cleanup after the party is over. Recycle everything you possibly can. Wrapping paper, gift boxes, cards, and glass bottles are obvious candidates for the recycling bin. If possible, compost your food waste instead of throwing it out. Cleaning products provide another great option for eco friendly living. From the dishes to the floors, choose cleansers that avoid environmental harm. Pure & Gentle has cleaning solutions for every area of your home to help with this task. Our products are made from natural, non-harmful ingredients in a carbon neutral facility. They also do a great job at restoring your home to its clean, pre-holiday state. While cleanup may not be the most fun part of the season, it doesn’t have to be an environmental nightmare as well.

In the end, eco friendly living practices can lessen a little of the financial burden for your home while lessening the impact on the planet. Most importantly, enjoy the season! Visit our website and discover our Pure & Gentle cleaning solutions.

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