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It’s almost impossible to browse through a design blog without seeing some kind of refurbished material. Old wooden doors, stumps, and even machinery carts have become hot commodities in the design world. Some people like the nostalgia; some appreciate the ancient souls that old products seem to possess; and others just like following trends. But there’s another reason to appreciate refurbished goods: they’re inherently green. When you’re looking for eco friendly gifts, products that use refurbished materials aren’t just fashionable; they’re good for the planet.

The act of refurbishing amounts to little more than recycling. A discarded cabinet, stack of planks, or old metal locker is often just a piece of junk, but when it’s sanded, stripped, and repainted, it immediately becomes a beautiful and functional product. Refurbishing saves thousands of tons of materials from going to waste in a landfill, and it prevents the logging of more trees or mining of more ore. As homes in this country begin to age and countless materials gradually break down, there’s a continuous source of new items to refurbish.

That fact in itself makes these great eco friendly gifts, but they’re especially suitable because of their current popularity. The intricacy of old cabinets and wild ruggedness of polished stumps has captivated even people who aren’t too concerned with the environment. These materials are everywhere and include everything from lampstands to coffee tables and key hooks. Anyone who’s the slightest bit design-oriented will appreciate receiving something refurbished, even if they wouldn’t especially care about receiving eco friendly gifts.

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