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Summer provides plenty of opportunities to get outside with your friends and families, whether you’re going to the beach or hiking your favorite trail. You know what precautions you should take to protect yourself from harmful UV rays while you’re outside—slather on the sunscreen, reapply frequently, and cover up with hats and lightweight clothing—but what about after your day in the sun is over?

Even if your applied sunscreen, your skin after a day in the sun may be a little more sensitive than normal. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your skin – and that of your family – healthy all summer long.

Drink plenty of water. First of all, you should be drinking plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. However, you should also continue drinking water when you’re out of the sun in order to help lock moisture into your skin and replenish moisture you have lost in the heat.

Take a cool shower. Showering is another good way to moisturize your skin, especially if sweat has been clogging your pores, a cold shower can help clean out your pores and prevent acne breakouts or irritation.

Eat your fruit. Fruits that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin E help prevent skin damage when you’re out in the sun, so consider having a fruit salad for dessert after you’ve been out in the sun (or for breakfast in the morning). Eating fruit certainly isn’t a replacement for wearing sunscreen, but it can help make your SPF more effective and your skin healthier. Berries, citrus, and tomatoes are all particularly good options.

Slather on some aloe vera. If you or your kids did get burnt despite your precautions, put on some all-natural, eco-friendly aloe vera to treat the burn. Aloe vera creates a protective layer and replenishes your skin’s moisture, allowing the burn to heal more quickly than it would otherwise.

Use a sensitive skin moisturizer. Before going to bed, use a moisturizer like Pure & Gentle’s Sensitive Skin Lotion. This will absorb quickly and keep your skin from becoming dry or rough after a day in the sun. For babies and young children, try Pure & Gentle’s Baby Care Lotion, which also helps restore moisture but is specifically designed for a young child’s sensitive skin.

Take advantage of the sun this summer, but do your best to keep your skin healthy, and encourage your family to do the same. After all, you want your skin to look this good for many, many more summers.

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