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You probably clean your home oftener than twice a year, but traditionally the beginning of spring and fall have prompted people to really tidy up their houses. Spring cleaning usually involves a gutter cleanse: finally getting the dead leaves of autumn cleared out before heavy rains. In the fall, windows get sealed, the furnace gets ready to burn, and green cleaning supplies become especially important for fighting grime. Toxins in the air are dangerous at any time of the year, but as seasons get colder, windows stay closed, and lingering chemicals have nowhere to go but your lungs.

To fight allergies and purify your air, it’s always wise, just before the first cold front hits, to replace old air filters and ensure your furnace is clean. Soot, dust, and other particles can accumulate that really harm the lungs—but more dangerous are the chemicals often found in commercial products. Most key ingredients of insecticides and household cleaners are nothing more than poisons, which pose health risks anytime. Spring and summer, though, often entail more time outdoors, hours when the lungs can enjoy purer oxygen. In the coldest moments of winter, few people leave their homes, and they have no choice but to breathe in chemicals.

Green cleaning supplies eliminate the chemicals and toxins that pose as health risks. They’re made with natural, not synthetic ingredients, so breathing in the home can be as refreshing as spending summer days outside. From an environmental standpoint, these products mean less chemicals and additives polluting the ground and water sources, but from a health perspective, green cleaning supplies are essential during fall and winter months.

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