Green Living


A few tips for living green this season can help you make the most of your home and hobbies this fall season. Starter tips are a wonderful resource for old-hats at green living and those who are just starting to make the push to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Cut Down on Energy

The coming winter promises higher energy bills and increased use of your home’s heating system. Not everyone has a wood-based fireplace to keep it cozy. Sealing your windows is one of the best ways to practice green living while keeping warm. You can pick up window sealing kits at any hardware store. If the plastic coatings prove aesthetically displeasing, try hanging thick curtains to cover them. The curtains will also help prevent draughts from entering your home.

Stop by the Farmer’s Market

Autumn is harvest time, and the farmer’s markets are positively loaded with fresh local delights. Farmer’s markets have long been a staple for living green, and this is one of the best times of the year to check them out. You’ll feel better after enjoying a meal made from what your community has to offer while preventing the necessity of high travel costs and packaging that keeps the normal grocer stocked.

Winterize the Garden

Gardens don’t need to be huge—gardens of any size can embrace the very spirit of living green. Homegrown food, from potted herbs to full-sized veggies, requires no transportation costs during the journey from seed to plate. As the weather cools, it’s high time to pack the harvest up for the season ahead. The good news is that you don’t have to let anything go to waste. Dry or freeze herbs for future use. Canning and pickling also help create a stock of garden fresh goodies for the winter. Compost any garden waste to give yourself a head start for spring planting. Composting doesn’t take up much space; a humble hole near the garden patch can do the trick just as well as the more expensive composters on the market.

Check Out Garage Sales

Most people move in the fall when the weather is dry, relatively cool, and not covered in snow. Moving means a bounty of garage sales! Purchasing pre-owned items is an act related to recycling that benefits everyone. You might even be able to purchase a bicycle for use after the weather warms again at a fraction of the cost. Bikes are one of the best ways to get around without relying on precious natural resources.

Overhaul Your Cleaners

Keeping a clean home is paramount for anyone who wishes to truly enjoy his or her space. Luckily for those who embrace living green, cleaning products don’t have to be loaded with cough-inducing chemicals that burn your skin. Eco-friendly cleaners are gaining popularity due to their effective powers of cleaning without causing damage. The days of using baking soda and vinegar for every task are past. Hard-working cleaners made of natural ingredients can help you get every task done well without exposing your family or the planet to harmful concoctions. A gentle, plant-based all-purpose cleaner belongs in every home that embraces living green. One bottle can handle most hard surfaces without stripping the paint or dulling the appearance. Pure and Gentle Soap offers this wonderful cleaning tool in two forms. The basic cleanser effectively targets grease and grime. The anti-bacterial version is EPA-registered to eliminate bacteria on contact while remaining dye- and phosphate-free. We also offer plant-based cleaners that cover the full spectrum from dish soap to pet cleansers that keep every aspect of your home sparkling clean while remaining in line with the many aspects of living green.

This autumn, take the time to make your home a haven of green living practices. Living green isn’t only better for the planet; it’s also better for you and your loved ones. 

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