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A nourishing natural shaving cream doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Castile bar soap provides the lather without the chemicals or the expense. Gone are the days of dried-out skin and messy aerosol cans of foam. Natural bar soap allows you to get a smoother shave without razor burn or excessive dryness. Plant-based ingredients and soothing botanicals take the pain out of your morning shave. These bar soaps are ideal for men and women. Whether you need a clean-cut jaw or silky smooth legs, all natural bar soaps are the greener solution for daily shavers. 

Foamy lather provides a very useful guideline for men and women alike. You remove the lather with the razor to mark progress over the area of focus. This foam is often responsible for the common complaints that crop up after a shave. Sodium laureth sulfates tend to be the culprits. These types of chemicals dry skin out while preventing any moisturizer from taking hold. They are the foaming elements of common drug store shaving creams, and even tend to crop up in cheaper soap bars. The widespread use of sulfates has turned many people off bar soap as a shaving cream entirely. However, Castile bar soap is worlds apart from the average bar.  

Plant based bar soap doesn’t rely on this family of skin-drying ingredients for a foamy result. Commonly referred to as ‘castile soaps,’ these bars utilize the same vegetable oils you might find around the kitchen. Olive, coconut, and canola oils have well-known skin benefits. 

Natural shaving creams also rely on the power of healing essential oils and pure botanicals in place of synthetic perfumes. Peppermint and lavender are natural astringents for oilier skin types that soothe without drying. Amaretto and oatmeal exfoliate dead skin cells after a shave for softer skin. These ingredients also smell amazing. 

You can avoid both razor burn and excessive dryness by switching to Castile bar soap as your natural shaving cream of choice. Pure & Gentle supplies the best bar soaps made in the castile style for anyone in search of a natural shaving cream that truly works.

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