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Help your college student avoid falling prey to the “messy dorm room” stereotype by shipping them off with a few eco friendly gifts. In the hectic time period just before a big move to a new place, stocking up on the necessities of daily life sometimes falls behind the thrill of new books and class schedules. Making a care package of eco friendly gifts for cleaning tasks will be much appreciated by your student and their roommates.

The two best eco friendly gifts you can give are green dish soap and a plant-based all purpose cleaner. Together, these cleaning products cover nearly every task a dorm-dweller might come across in day-to-day life. Pure & Gentle’s liquid dish soap is amazingly effective at getting the caked-on grime left behind by careless roommates. Our hypo-allergenic formula contains no volatile chemicals, and reduces packaging waste by up to 6 times over the standard suds. All-purpose cleaner is the go-to soap for almost every other chore. It cleanses just about any hard surface without the need for separate products to get each job done.

Green cleaning supplies have several benefits for young adults living in small spaces. The concentrated solutions take up less room. All-purpose cleaner alone eliminates the need for up to 20 other household cleaners while being more effective than their chemical counterparts. The ingredients are safer to breathe in when used in cramped quarters. Pleasant air might not yet be something you think of when a dorm comes to mind, but it should be. While cleaning products might not be the most exciting presents in the world, they do give college-age students a head start on living like responsible adults. Pick up one of Pure & Gentle’s starter packages to give your student eco friendly gifts that allow them to care for their new spaces.

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