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As cozy as a huge wooly sweater might be during the chills of winter, there are some articles of clothing that can rest safely in storage for the warmer seasons. Part of spring cleaning is re-organizing your wardrobe and switching out thick blankets with light linens for the hot season to come. Keep your stored, winter-themed fabrics in excellent condition by giving them a thorough wash in natural laundry soap before moving them out of sight.

Washing your fabrics before storage seems like a no-brainer. After all, you wouldn’t want to open a tight-sealed bag of foul-smells at the end of the season! Using natural laundry soap instead of the chemical variety is more than an eco-friendly decision. Pure & Gentle’s natural laundry soap is hypoallergenic as well! This concentrated formula removes allergens such as pet dander, mildew, and dust from your beloved cool-weather fabrics to keep them fresh as the day you stored them. Our natural laundry soap is dye-free as well, making it safe for use on your wintry whites.

Natural laundry soap helps you prepare your heavier blankets and clothes for summer storing in a green-minded manner. Your storage vessels should also be green! Tubs made with recycled plastics and metals are reusable for years on end – making less waste than flimsy cardboard boxes that fall apart after a year or two. Airtight containers keep your fabrics just as fresh as the day you stored them. Stash these crates somewhere out of sight. Under the bed or the top shelf of a closet are popular choices. If you happen to have a home in need of storage space outside the home, look for a self-storage facility that advertises eco-friendly practices.

Pure & Gentle’s natural laundry soap is an eco-friendly solution for fresh, allergen-free fabrics year round as well. Treat your summer attire with the same care and attention by using this effective formula on the clothes currently in use as well as those being stashed away. Hypo-allergenic, natural laundry soap is a must-have for every green laundry room.

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