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Hosting a family celebration for Thanksgiving can be one of the best feelings around, and the wonderful smells of food cooking, sounds of wine corks popping, and happy conversation between relatives enhances the experience immensely when you are able to take pride in your own home. We know you want your home spotless before your guests arrive, so whether it’s your first time or your fifteenth time to host Thanksgiving dinner, our natural all-purpose cleaner can help you get your home in top shape for your guests. Pure and Gentle’s all-purpose cleaner can handle the various cleaning tasks on your checklist prior to the family’s arrival with ease and convenience.

A good all-purpose cleaner can replace up to 20 of the regular cleaners found in most supply cupboards. This becomes a huge convenience when rushing to get your house in order before a holiday. Pure and Gentle’s formula is eco-friendly, derived from natural ingredients, and incredibly effective. One spray bottle and a few soft cloths are all you need for a quick cleaning anywhere in your home.

Since Thanksgiving dinner is at its best when cooked and shared with those you love, it’s likely that your kitchen will be one of the hot spots for family traffic, and our all-purpose cleaner is perfect for kitchens. The same solution can be used for just about everything except the dishes. Spray it on the table to brighten it up before draping the holiday tablecloth; use it to target the less-seen spots behind the knife block and sink; make your countertops sparkle to encourage family members to help with the preparations; or mix up a diluted form to get the floors spotless and sanitary. It’s even good for removing the grime that builds up around refrigerator handles. The all-natural formula makes our all-purpose cleaner safe for use in all food preparation areas.

The living areas of your home are probably the second most visited by out of town guests. All-purpose cleaner can lend a hand in the process of dusting these spots off and making everything look tidy without requiring a basket full of different cleaning products. Since most living areas contain a wide variety of fabrics, woods, and hard surfaces, it is best to spot-test in an inconspicuous area before scrubbing. Use a diluted form of our mild solution to get stains out of upholstery, then apply this same mix to a damp rag and get the dusting done. Pure and Gentle’s all-purpose cleaner comes in a vast array of scents to compliment your favorite holiday candles and make your home smell as inviting as it looks. And don’t neglect the guest bedrooms! Bedposts and side tables may also need a quick wipe down before being enjoyed in the off-hours between family activities.

Clean bathrooms are incredibly important for the comfort of everyone involved in the holiday celebration, and our all-purpose cleaner is here to help make the job easier. While the regular formula works well for every hard surface found in your home’s lavatories, you may wish to consider a disinfectant formula to combat germs and odors. One bottle and a cloth can get the task done quickly and effectively. Use it to clean the toilet and the sink, to bring the floors and metals back to a mirror sheen, and to dust off the decorations to make your bathrooms as inviting as the rest of your home.

Don’t let the stress of hosting a gathering prevent you from enjoying the holidays with your family. One bottle of concentrated all-purpose cleaner will make your job easy, from the preparation time before everyone arrives, to cleaning up after everyone have gone home. Pure and Gentle’s hard working, naturally-derived formula works well on all types of spills, stains, and build-up, so relax and enjoy this Thanksgiving while being green by picking up a bottle of all-purpose cleaner from our eco-friendly shop!

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