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If you’ve recently made the switch to organic foods, you are likely familiar with the great feeling that comes from doing something good for yourself and the environment. Take that same feeling beyond the kitchen with pure organic bar soap. Organic bar soap is an easy, basic way to extend your organic lifestyle. As a bonus, it’s also better for your skin!

Commercial bar soaps aren’t always bad for you, but it takes a lot of searching to find one that won’t over dry your skin. A few major companies reduce or remove glycerin from their bars to create a firmer, longer-lasting bar. While this may guarantee a more durable soap bar, it doesn’t always give your skin the right attention. When you factor in the inclusion of further-drying chemicals and unnatural fragrances, the drying effect can prove staggering. These chemicals just don’t have a proper place in a healthy, organic home.

Your skin craves the nourishment of glycerin that comes with softer, organic bar soap. Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap-making process. When fat and lye are combined, the lye is used up and glycerin is produced. Glycerin is even used on its own as a treatment for severe dry skin. In the lesser quantities found in organic bar soap, glycerin nourishes skin of all types.

As for fragrances, organic bar soap beats the regular stuff hands down. Essential oils from herbs, flowers, and fruit all lend a hand in a truly enjoyable clean feeling. Some of the oils also provide treatments for specific skin issues. Arnica oil helps with swelling joints. Coconut oil smells heavenly while providing the benefits of pure coconut oil for dryer complexions. Lavender is simply relaxing, and citrus fragrance helps you get started in the morning. These scents are simple, but will leave you smelling great.

Any recipe is better with more natural organic ingredients, and soap is no different from food in this respect. Treat your body, hands, and even hair to the lush and nourishing elements found in organic bar soap. You’ll find yourself feeling better inside and out!

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