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If you care passionately about the earth, chances are you hope your significant other will too. Green dating has become such a phenomenon that dozens of Internet sites have popped up to match green-minded individuals. But once you’ve met, what next? Romance doesn’t have to disappear just because you’re environmentally conscious: consider these eco friendly ideas for green dates.

  1. Try gardening. If you have your own or access to a community garden, talking together while you weed and harvest can be a great way to support the earth while learning about each other. Starting a new garden, together, though, can be even more romantic. Whether you’re cultivating a portion of your yard or planting an herb garden in your windowsill, this new endeavor can mirror the beginnings of a budding relationship.

  2. Forget the car. There’s a green destination within an hour’s walk of just about anyone. If your local zoo treats its animals well, that excursion can spark any number of environmental conversations. Even parks and historical buildings are great eco friendly ideas, and the walk there can be just as enjoyable as the place itself.

  3. Dine in. It’s never great to play house too early on in the relationship, but cooking together can be the best way to really learn about each other. You can make it more of a date by scheming up a few eco friendly ideas first: buying the ingredients together at a farmer’s market, feeding your leftover bread to ducks at a local lake—really, anything goes. When you both care about the earth, these more personal dates can be more meaningful and environmentally beneficial than the old standard of dinner and a movie.

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