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Eda J. LeShan once said, “A new baby is like the beginning of all things–wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” People gravitate to newborns like planets caught in orbit. There’s just something captivating about someone being so small and innocent.

Delicate and dependent, it’s our duty to shelter them from any harmful or dangerous situations. Naturally, we all know the basics of keeping a newborn safe, but there are lesser-known factors that we need to find out about.

A newborn’s skin is incredibly sensitive, much like their immune system. Normal detergents, soaps and lotions that are perfectly fine for us could cause newborns irritation, dry skin, chafing or rashes. Their bodies aren’t readily equipped to handle modern chemicals, fragrances and dyes in cleaning and personal products.

Seeing the importance of protecting our babies, Pure & Gentle has created a natural personal product line completely dedicated keeping them clean and safe. 

Using all-natural, plant-based ingredients, Pure & Gentle’s baby care complete package is dye-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and an amazing affordable option for your little bundle of joy.

This package carries care lotion, body and hair shampoo, and laundry soap. You’ll have every product you need for everyday use.

Our lotion contains healing Arnica oil and is specially made to moisturize and protect babies’ skin from chaffing. Lanolin-, dye- and fragrance-free, it’ll leave your newborn with a silky feel that won’t clog their pores! 

We’ve also created a no-tear shampoo that is specifically designed for newborn’s sensitive skin. Made without dyes, fragrance, sulfates, parabens or formaldehyde, this shampoo was created from the best available plant-derived ingredients that minimize irritation and bolster protection. It also contains a natural orange wax that is proven to enhance SPF protection.

Pure & Gentle cares about your family, which is why we offer the best products. Let Mother Nature’s natural remedies clean and shelter your young one from harmful chemicals. Visit our website to learn more and explore the benefits of our products.

Our mission leads the way.