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Unique, carefully chosen eco-friendly gifts allow you to show love for both the recipient and the environment. There’s something for everyone in this guide that allows for greener gift giving. For the environmentalist in your life, consider eco-friendly gifts that suit their lifestyle.

A small ceramic compost container is perfect for people who lack the space for a full container in their kitchens, and these attractive pots resemble cookie jars more than mulch receptacles. A quality compost bucket will last a lifetime.

Small plants are another idea for people seeking eco-friendly gifts. Succulents require little attention to thrive and can make anyone feel like they have a green thumb; aloe comes in handy for cuts and burns year-round; or if your friend enjoys cooking, a hearty potted herb is sure to be appreciated. Basil and thyme survive well indoors and have many culinary uses.

If plants and herbs aren’t quite right, food is always a good option. Gift baskets of organic edibles and tasty beverages are perfect for anyone on your list. Choose items with a longer shelf life, such as dried spices or locally sourced preserves. Organic chocolate is delicious, and often comes in uniquely interesting flavors by using ingredients such as ghost chilies and bacon. Get creative and select foodstuffs that you know your recipient will enjoy.

Alcoholic beverages are great gifts for the people on your list who seem to have everything they need. A bottle of fine wine from a green vineyard, or cordials from an organic distillery will impress anyone. And beer is no longer a working-class beverage; more and more independent breweries are focusing on preparing high-end brews while keeping their operations green. Impress an out-of-town relative by introducing them to your favorite local brewery.

High-quality soaps and shampoos are ideal eco-friendly gifts for those on your list who could use a little relaxation time. The luxurious feel and enticing scents of natural soaps and shampoos can transform a soak in the tub into an experience unrivaled by any spa. Pure and Gentle’s bath soaps come in an array of herbal scents sure to be appreciated by all: soothing lavender-chamomile is perfect for someone in need of some stress relief; hazelnut coffee is a sure way to stun a caffeine lover; or if you aren’t sure what someone might like, choose sweet amaretto for a unique yet classic scent.

If your recipient is a pet-lover, look into eco-friendly gifts for their furry companions. Organic pet treats are readily available for both cats and dogs; there are eco-conscious cat toys that come loaded with catnip for added holiday fun; several companies offer squeaky chew toys made from recycled, green materials; or if you’re handy with DIY projects, try making one of your own for eco-friendly gifts that are extra-special. Pure and Gentle offers green dog shampoos, and refreshers for between baths that help keep the family pet smelling its best.

Eco-friendly clothing is another option. More than a few companies focus on producing ethically sourced apparel, while others donate their profits to good causes. From dressy blouses to cozy socks and comfy robes, you can find the environmentalist in your life something that feels as good to wear as it does to purchase.

Eco-friendly jewelry pieces aren’t just simple necklaces and rings; they are works of art. Some jewelers focus on classics and use ethical sources for their precious gems, while others create completely unique pieces out of everything from metal to stardust. Etsy is a valuable resource for givers in search of stunning eco-friendly gifts in a wide range of prices.

Household cleaners are useful gifts that are much appreciated by green-minded people who have recently married or moved out. Pure and Gentle’s Econcentrate Starter Kit has a little bit of everything, and could be the favorite gift of the holiday season for a college student or new apartment dweller. Browse our website for our full line of cleaners and other eco-friendly gifts

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