Healthy Pets


Green pet products range in price from the at home DIY to the luxury post-consumer gifts for the truly pampered pet. Echo friendly toys, beds, and even soaps can help you include your furry friend in your practices of green living. Pets are meant to be loved, and green pet products let you show a little love for the environment and your four-legged friend!  

Recycling and re-using are important to any green lifestyle. Fortunately, these two practices are incredibly easy to apply to pet toys. Tug-of-war and fetch are entertaining for pets and humans. Toys for both games can be made easily at home with some old, unused materials. For a good tug-of-war rope, braid strips of old t-shirt or towels into a sturdy, recycled strap. Fetching-balls don’t need to be brand new – old tennis balls and baseballs work just as well as a red rubber bouncy one.

If cats are your companions of choice, toys are even easier to come by. Green pet products are often made by re-purposing something you had lying around the house unused. While the end result might not be a great sight when company comes to visit, a paper grocery bag is play-land heaven for felines. You could also grow your own catnip alongside other herbs to give your cat a good time with the environment in mind.

On the more costly side, green pet products include luxury beds made with sustainable fibers and post-consumer materials. Collars and treats are also available that use organic materials to create great pet gifts.

While Pure & Gentle doesn’t supply the toys and collars, we do provide a number of green pet products for keeping your companion and your home clean. Green River manufactures phosphate-free shampoos and fresheners in a carbon neutral facility – the compact packaging helps reduce waste as well. Most importantly, the pleasant scents of our green pet products make your dog even easier to love by cutting down on that “wet dog” smell, and Pure & Gentle’s anti-allergy line helps you keep your home clean and free of dander. Stop by our website and browse our products that will help to keep you and your pet healthy and happy.

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