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Green home cleaning products are different from traditional chemical-based cleaners. These types of cleaners work hard without relying on potentially harmful components to get surfaces clean, and what they lack is just as important as what they contain. Green home cleaning products are easier to use and help improve the air quality in all rooms of the house.

All of Pure and Gentle’s green home cleaning products are phosphate-free for the sake of both your health and that of the environment. Phosphates are commonly used to remove dirt and oil, but they have been banned in several states and in many European countries due their negative effects on plant and water life. Instead of these dangerous chemicals, green home cleaning products look to nature’s best ingredients for stain removal. One such ingredient is orange oil, a powerful cleaner derived from citrus peels, which has a slight acidity that cuts grease without the need for harsher treatments and is better for your skin and lungs.

Dyes are unnecessary in any cleaning product and are only added for consumers’ visual satisfaction. Green home cleaning products come in the colors that their ingredients make them, and by skipping dyes, these cleaners forgo an arbitrary chemical and become safer to use on light-colored surfaces. In place of dyes, we let our solutions work as nature intended. This also makes them gentler for people with sensitive skin.

The most significant difference in green home cleaners is their ability to multi-task. Instead of forcing consumers to buy many different products that are labeled for individual tasks, these cleaners possess all-purpose qualities. The same effective cleanser you use for the kitchen countertops can be used to wash the baseboards in the living room, and natural laundry soap works as a spot cleaner for upholstery. Individual bottles and their related packaging are unnecessary to take care of every cleaning chore around the house.

It’s the little differences that make green home cleaning products better than the average soap. Pure and Gentle can supply your home with naturally derived cleaners that work better than any of the traditional products, eliminating the need for you to have many different bottles for many different cleaning jobs. Browse our website today to see our great selection.

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