Healthy Planet


Twenty years ago, it was just your crazy uncle in Hawaii that gave strange presents for Christmas: hemp dolls, trees planted in your honor, and vegetarian children’s books. Others dismissed these people as kooks and got on with their turkey dinners and new tool sets, but the cultural mindset has changed. Everyone is starting to realize the benefits of helping the earth, so eco friendly gifts have actually become preferred over candles and fruitcakes. They’re now available in a wider variety than the things your uncle used to send, making them appropriate and meaningful for any occasion.

A lot of people view presents as an obligation more than anything else. It’s an effort to find something meaningful, personal, and so they defer to the Hallmark Store to buy and wrap an overpriced frame. As environmental awareness expands, however, more and more people find eco friendly gifts both personal and meaningful. Everyone has a stake in keeping the earth clean and safe; even if they’re just receiving a green gift, people will feel as though they’ve made an impact, which is more than they’ll feel about candelabra.

Moreover, eco friendly gifts can still be personalized, because they come in many forms these days. A voucher to go apple picking, a piece of art made from recycled materials, even practical cleaning supplies can all fall under this category. There’s an eco friendly gift out there for just about anyone. Kids, college students, and grandparents can all appreciate a present that helps the planet, and you have a lot of options to cater to any personality or generation when you go shopping.

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