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Spring is filled with fresh, new scents that energize the senses. From blooming flowers to budding trees, the air is abounding with the sweet smell of spring. Nature offers such amazing scents that we have captured some of them in our Pure & Gentle all-natural soaps. Splash into spring with some new, fresh scented soaps, all made with gentle, natural formulas that will soften, clean and moisture your skin.

Five Great Scents for Spring
Our entire bar soap collection is made with all-natural ingredients, without synthetic fragrances that can aggravate allergies and your skin. We have combined natural ingredients and plant oils to create soaps that are mild, yet invigorating in their sweet scents. Here are five great options for spring.

 Strawberry Lemonade. The tangy zing of lemon and the sweet scent of strawberries is perfect for spring. Strawberry and lemon essential oils combine perfectly to mimic the refreshing drink. When added in with the other natural oils, you will have skin that smells as good as it feels.
– Citrus Peel. Citrus always has a refreshing scent, an excellent choice for spring. Our Citrus Peel soaps use orange and lemon peel and oils to leave a clean, light scent on your skin. The all-natural ingredients will leave a sweet, tangy scent without residue of commercial soaps.
– Peppermint oil. The smell of peppermint is always invigorating, making it a nice choice for the high energy time in the spring. We use real peppermint oil and leaf to bring out that unique scent that will wake up your senses.
– Lemon Verbena. For smooth, soft skin that smells like lemon, try our Lemon Verbena bar soap. This is made with the lemon verbena herb and oil, plus it has green tea and several other oils to make it a refreshing, moisturizing soap.
– Lavender Chamomile. Our Lavender Chamomile all-natural soap is ideal for spring and summer, combining the floral scents that everyone loves. We use canola, olive, palm, sunflower and lavender oil, then add in petals from both these flowers. A fantastic scent for spring.

Sweet Scents for Sensitive Skin
These clean, fresh scents are great for spring and are also great for those with sensitive skin. Unlike the scented soaps clogging the bath product isles at most stores, our soaps use only natural ingredients to clean your skin while smelling great. For those with sensitive skin or allergies, those commercial fragrance-filled soaps can cause irritation and skin rashes. To keep your skin smelling sweet without the harsh chemicals, try our all-natural soaps that are ideal for sensitive skin.

The next time you are taking a spring shower, make sure to have one of our all-natural soaps on hand to clean, moisturizes and softly scent your skin. Pure & Gentle soap is made with only the finest natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality and best scents that you can trust for your entire family’s skin care.

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