Healthy Cleaning


You may not get to choose what kind of washer and dryer you have, but you can do simple things to reduce your carbon footprint when you do laundry. An added bonus of practicing green laundry tips is that you can reduce the amount of energy spent and save money on your next utility bill! Here are six ways you can keep your clothes and the planet clean.

Green Laundry Tips for a Greener Environment

• Wash your clothes in cold water. The majority of energy used for washing clothes is used to heat the water. Cold water can clean your clothes as effectively as if you chose hot water.

• Buy concentrated detergents. This reduces packaging and your carbon footprint. Highly concentrated detergent reduces packaging by as much as six times of conventional detergents!

• Full loads only. Washing only when you have a full load of laundry can help you conserve water and save money on your next utility bill. However, avoid overloading your washer because it can damage your machine and your clothes might not come out as clean.

• Swap chlorine bleach for oxygen bleach. It is a gentle bleaching agent that can remove stains and brighten your laundry without the harsh chemical ingredients of chlorine bleach.

• Use natural detergents such as our Econcentrate Liquid Laundry Soap. It is a plant-derived formulated laundry product designed to remove allergens such as dust mites, mold, mildew and pet dander. If you have sensitive skin, natural detergents can be gentler on the skin, and you can buy the laundry soap unscented. You can also buy it in a variety of fragrances that are naturally scented with essential oils such as Coconut Verbena or Lavender Bouquet.

• Try drying your clothes on a drying rack or line drying. This method uses zero energy! You’ll be saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. You might even find that your clothes last longer this way because there’s less wear from using a conventional dryer.

We’re Committed to You and the Environment

At Pure & Gentle, we create products with you and Mother Nature in mind. We believe in living a healthier life, inside and out. Our products are made with plant-based ingredients that are 100 percent biodegradable and non-toxic. If you’re allergy-sensitive, we carry a whole range of anti-allergy household products. To reduce our carbon footprint, we use carbon neutral shipping, which reduces our packaging waste by 75 percent.

Our mission leads the way.