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Most people have a weekday routine as rigid as the rising and setting of the sun. Radio alarm, breakfast, shower, work, errands, gym, dinner, television or a nice novel: whether we’re conscious of it or not, humans tend to form strong habits that last throughout the day. It’s almost instinctual, but the reason why is simple. Once people learn the most efficient way to live, they hold to it unwaveringly and repeat the process for ages. It’s only when a new, better approach to life appears that people are willing to adapt their routines, and even then it takes some persuasion. People tend to buy and use the same soap for years, but their habitual life can become better if they switch to oatmeal bar soap.

Oatmeal was never just eaten. It’s been added to baths for years to reduce itching, and it naturally regulates the pH levels of skin. Soap’s main intention is to clean off grime, but many people like their soap to moisturize and heal their skin too. Lathering up with lotion or applying different creams and oils occurs during a lot of morning routines, and the process can be expedited with oatmeal bar soap. Because it heals the skin, it fills many roles in standard skincare, which makes it a great protective addition to any habitual morning cleaning. With a long history of usage and a chemical basis for cleansing, starting a daily routine with oatmeal bar soap will nourish and strengthen skin for the rest of the day.

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