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Natural bar soap made with citrus peels is perfect for gentle exfoliation. Our Citrus Peel Bath and Beauty Bar smells like the very essence of clean, and this natural bar soap is ideal for all skin types, from oily to dry. The uplifting scent provides a cheerful start to your day, and unlike the synthetic perfumes found in an average bar soap, the citrus oils that give our Citrus Peel soap it’s scent leave your skin as clean as it smells.

Rich in Vitamin C, lemon oil both detoxifies and rejuvenates skin. The antiseptic qualities soothe minor infections from acne, and it acts as a toner to prepare your skin for moisturizing nourishment after bathing. It can also brighten dull skin and help promote healing. Orange oil helps to soothe sore muscles and increase blood flow when used in a natural bar soap, and it also aids in collagen production, making it ideal for people in search of an anti-aging soap for daily use. It helps to prevent acne without drying out skin, and since orange oil is a good source of linalool, it can also aid in the healing of dry, cracked skin. Orange oil is a natural cleanser that provides an all-over feeling of refreshment. 

Gentle exfoliation is an important step in the skin care routine for all skin types. Citrus peels are an excellent exfoliant for both oily and dry skin, as the tiny bits of lemon and orange peel in our natural bar soap gently remove dead layers without going too deep and causing abrasive damage.

The wonderful blend of plant oils found in this natural bar soap make it a good choice for your daily bath. Olive, canola, palm, sunflower, and coconut oils all work together to nourish skin lightly during bathing, and when combined with the amazing benefits of citrus, these oils help to keep your skin as healthy as it is clean. Pick up a bar of Citrus Peel bar soap to feel clean and cheerful every day!

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