Healthy Cleaning


In a time when so many other products are available, we’d like to explain the benefits of using green laundry products. Washing clothes is a regular, unavoidable part of our lives; simply wearing them means they need cleaning, and there are few of us who advocate avoiding them all together!  Unless you want to find your friends rapidly starting to avoid you, doing laundry is essential.

Minimizing impact

Unfortunately, washing machines do use quite a lot of energy and since doing laundry is such a regular occurrence, this is not exactly a good thing when it comes to our homes’ eco-friendly credentials.  Nevertheless, there is very little we can do about this, and in our busy lives few would have the time or the inclination to avoid this power-hungry machinery.  The upside is that we can use eco-friendly home products to minimize the environmental impact of our live and green laundry products are a good place to start.

When ordinary laundry detergents are flushed down the drain, the harmful toxins contained within pollute the environment.  Green laundry products, on the other hand, use non-toxic, naturally-occurring ingredients, and thus reduce the strain placed on the environment.

Protecting yourself

It’s generally fair to assume that most people want to be green where possible, but life has this annoying habit of getting in the way of our lofty ideals.  As much as we would like to do the right thing, sometimes the more convenient option prevails, especially when we can see the benefit to ourselves or get a cheap deal. 

However, with eco-friendly products, it’s not just the environment you’re protecting – it’s yourself and your family.  The same chemicals that pollute the environment are also harmful to the clothes we wash and to our health, so it is in our best interests not to use them.  Artificial fragrances in detergents, as well as ingredient combinations like nonoxynols, can irritate and damage skin. The natural ingredients present in green products aren’t just kind on the environment; they’re also kind on us.

Smart choice

It’s easy to be seduced by the cheaper or much-hyped detergents that are available – the constant bombardment of advertising is hard to ignore.  But we are creatures of our environment, so it stands to reason that what adversely affects it, affects us.  Eco-friendly laundry products are a smart, ethical choice, showing that you don’t have sacrifice your whites to be green. 

Our mission leads the way.