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Facial skin is usually a little more sensitive than the rest of the body. Some people are more prone to acne, and others lean toward the flaky-dry side. Regardless of skin type, glycerin bar soap is an eco-friendly option for those in search of a great complexion. Glycerin itself possesses moisturizing, protective, and cleansing qualities that help facial skin maintain a good balance day-to-day. Whether you need to heal the winter’s chafing or maintain a youthful appearance, glycerin bar soap is ideal for facial cleansing.

Glycerin is a by-product of the historic recipe for soap. It is produced when lye and fat combine. The glycerin itself is then extracted and used as a main ingredient. Chemically speaking, glycerin helps your skin absorb more moisture from a post-cleansing lotion or even the air itself. As an anti-aging ingredient, glycerin provides support for your skin cells to keep them intact; it doesn’t cure wrinkles, but it can help prevent them. Glycerin is even used to treat dry skin conditions such as eczema. The cleansing properties of glycerin can even help people who have trouble with breakouts.

Our glycerin bar soap is enriched with arnica, almond, and olive oils that add to the moisturizing effects of glycerin itself. These oils naturally hydrate dry skin and give it a soft, healthy glow without adding grease.  Arnica oil in particular is a wonderful ingredient to aid healing on skin that has been damaged by wind, sun, or exposure to polluted air. Almond and olive oil provide a conditioning element to an already nutrient-rich bar soap.

Best of all, glycerin bar soap is eco-friendly! Since it’s a natural component, it doesn’t require a number of frightening chemicals to produce. Glycerin is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin and babies. Pure & Gentle’s glycerin bar soap is made for your face, but you may want to use it all over for soft, well-hydrated skin.

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