Healthy Cleaning


All natural cleaners can help immensely during everyone’s least favorite chore of weekly dusting. Dust happens. Constantly, it seems. There are very few people in this world who actually like to dust, and they are probably paid very well to do their jobs. Since the rest of the population can’t always afford their services, the responsibility falls to whoever’s turn it is this week. Use a product that’s safer to use, cleans better, and smells so much better than your regular dusting solution.

The standard aerosol can of dusting solution could be the reason behind this household task’s bad reputation. In fact, the ingredients of your go-to might be making you sneeze more than the dust itself. It can get unpleasant when the air around you is filled with both chemicals and rising clouds of the week’s debris. Things don’t have to be that way. All natural cleaners provide assistance with getting the job done without the odor. They may perhaps even cause you to somewhat enjoy this task.

The ingredients of all natural cleaners actually make it easier to get the dust out. They favor the power of orange oil and other plant-based cleansers in place of strange-sounding chemicals for a more breathable living space. Orange oil combats grime, and it breaks down dust and dander so you can simply swipe it away. As a plant derived ingredient, it’s easier on your lungs and leaves your home smelling wonderful once the dust cloth is laid to rest.

Pure & Gentle’s non-toxic formula allows you to limit your household’s exposure to harmful chemicals as you clean. We offer two types all natural cleaners to help you keep your home in good order. The first is our orange oil enhanced all natural cleaner. The second is our anti-allergy solution concentrate and all-purpose cleaner. This cleanser neutralizes allergens on contact while still being safe for the planet at large. It’s safe enough to apply directly to your pets, and it will certainly help you get the dust out. Dust mites, mildew, pollen, and even pet dander don’t stand a chance against the power of our plant-derived formula.

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