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Living with sensitive skin isn’t easy, and finding the right product can be tough, but eco friendly shower products from Pure & Gentle are mild enough for even the most sensitive skin. Some people have allergic reactions to very rare ingredients, and others experience irritation from the most commonly used ones. Either way, it can sometimes seem like each new soap purchase is a gamble. Finding one that leaves you feeling clean without the redness or itching doesn’t have to be tricky. We skip the use of more-common irritants in favor of plant-based ingredients. These eco friendly shower products cleanse and nourish from head to toe.

Good shampoo can be hard to find for those with sensitive skin. While shampoo specifically targets hair, the suds get all over during a shower. It might not be irritating your scalp, but your body can feel the impact. The common culprit of such irritation is a family of chemicals known as sulfates. These chemicals are frequently used to create the foaming effect. They also have the nasty habit of over-drying skin. Eco friendly shower products rarely contain sulfates, as they are also harmful to the environment. Try washing your hair with a green shampoo and feel the difference all over. 

Speaking of all over, you may wish to make the switch to eco friendly shower products for the whole body. Those with sensitive skin often have a difficult time finding a soap that doesn’t leave them feeling itchy. Pure & Gentle offers several solutions for delicate skin. First up: our full line of bar soaps. The bath and beauty bars come in a wide variety of herbal scents. We use essential oils for both their pleasant fragrance and their healing properties. You’re sure to find one that contains the ingredients you need to clean your delicate skin without the ingredients that cause allergic flare-ups. Some people prefer unscented bar soaps. We have these types covered as well. Our oatmeal body bar is a naturally exfoliating soap made with nourishing coconut and palm oils, and oatmeal even has healing properties for the skin. This bar is a must-have eco friendly shower product for anyone with skin prone to irritation from everyday exposures.

If bars just aren’t for you, we also offer a body shampoo made for those with sensitive skin. This body shampoo is dye and fragrance-free, and you won’t find any parabens on the ingredients list. The tear-free formula is safe for use by those of the younger generations in search of eco friendly shower products on a daily basis. 

After a non-irritating and eco friendly shower, it’s time to moisturize. There tends to be a trade-off for sensitive skin types when it comes to applying lotion after an eco friendly shower. With standard lotions, you have to choose between feeling like a grease ball or tumbleweed. Lotions also tend to be the number one offender at leaving unpleasant after-effects that linger well after use. It’s easy to see why sensitive skin-types have developed a fairly healthy fear of standard lotions over the years.

The reason for the irritation tends to be found in which ingredient a company uses to make their lotion feel “creamy” instead of “greasy” or the particular perfume hiding behind that mysteriously labeled term. Pure & Gentle would like to put your lotion fears to rest. Our sensitive skin lotion is comprised of a unique formula, which contains healing arnica oil. It penetrates deeply, absorbs quickly, and won’t clog pores. This lotion doesn’t feel like grease either. People of all complexions need lotion to prevent dryness and keep skin in good condition. We believe it shouldn’t be a gamble either. Stop by our website and check out all of the wonderful eco friendly shower products that we have that are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

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