Healthy Planet


Wholesale green products created in an FDA-registered facility show a willingness to work with the government to provide safe and earth-friendly products. Since the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for the regulation and supervision of such varied products, ranging from food to electromagnetic radiation emitting devices (ERED), it pays to have an FDA-registered facility at the heart of any operation falling within these broad parameters. By working closely with the Administration, a company is not only able to ensure that the FDA’s regulatory codes pay off in terms of keeping processes in line with the most up-to-date thinking, but it can also pass on that expertise to the customer. This will give them the comfort of knowing that products from an FDA-registered facility are strictly in-line with all the relevant standards and practices.

For over 25 years, Pure & Gentle has been a leader in our industry, producing wholesale green products that show our dedication to environmental responsibility. With all this experience behind us, we know what we’re doing, and our partnership with brands such as Sony, Culligan and United Pet demonstrates the reputation we have garnered during this time. This allows us to further spread our belief that being clean doesn’t mean making the planet dirty. But, as with most socially-conscious behaviors, environmental responsibility begins at home, and for us, home means our 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Throughout our history, we’ve been showing the world what natural, chemical-free cleaning can do for them, and our affiliation with the FDA demonstrates the rigor with which we approach this proposition. Carbon-neutral manufacturing is an important part of this process. While we know that our facility does everything possible to ensure the safest and most ethical practices are followed, the world we share our products with should be aware of it too!

By having an FDA-registered facility, we can assure companies like Sony and Culligan – not to mention the public at large – that PGI is fully discloses its practices to the government. The assurance this provides is an essential part of the interstate and international commerce of our products. This supports the manufacturing processes we use at our facility, as well as the materials from which our products are made.

Our mission leads the way.