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Dust and dander build up can leave your couches and chairs looking dingy. If your first impulse is to hire a cleaning company, think again! It is entirely possible and safe in most cases to perform this task on your own.

All you need are the right upholstery cleaning products and a few rags. Pure & Gentle’s cleaners are ideal for the person in search of environmental and wallet-friendly solutions for great looking furniture.

For indoor upholstery, the first step is to look for a tag. This tag will tell you what type of upholstery cleaning products to use. “S” stands for solvent-based, “W” for water based, and “SW” means you can use either type. Some tags advise wet or dry cleaning procedures. Next, perform a spot test with your cleaner on an unnoticed area of fabric. Most fabrics hold up well for in-home cleaning, but some older or higher end furniture will experience shrinking or discoloration. In this case, a professional’s services are necessary to prevent damage. One of the best upholstery cleaning products for ‘W’ or ‘SW’ is incredibly simple—diluted dish soap. Pure & Gentle’s plant-derived dish soap would be an ideal candidate for most upholstery cleaning due to its lack of bleach and harsh chemicals.

Between cleanings, keep your upholstered items smelling fresh and allergen-free with our anti-allergen concentrate. This solution is mild enough to spray directly on most fabrics. It destroys allergens such as pet dander, mildew, and dust mites on contact to keep your home fresh and clean.

Our upholstery cleaning products allow you to keep your couches and chairs in top condition without paying a high-priced professional. The formulas are better for the environment and safer to breathe in. For added eco-friendliness, use old towels or t-shirts for wet cleaning procedures. The days of bulky steam-cleaners and costly trips to the cleaner are all in the past. Mild cleaners and a bucket are all you need to restore your upholstery to its former glory!

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