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Gardening is one of the most rewarding facets of eco friendly living. Even those with only a small herb patch reap the satisfaction of homegrown food come harvest time. While the tail end of summer may not be the best time to start planting, it just might be the perfect occasion to embrace another great aspect of the green lifestyle. Composting kitchen scraps is an easy way to reduce and reuse household waste for better eco friendly living.

The backyard compost pile is known and loved among homeowners looking to add this tenet of an eco friendly living to their gardening hobby. This can take place in a fenced-off hole in the ground or a top of the line compost bin. Both methods are efficient ways to re-use kitchen and yard waste. However, apartment dwellers can also get in on the action. Container composting is becoming more and more popular among eco friendly living advocates in urban areas. These containers fit in an unseen area of your home, such as your cleaning cupboard or laundry room. The dedicated containers should have holes for aeration and a heavy lid to prevent vermin. 

The process is the same as the backyard version – only smaller and more selective. You do need to be a bit more careful about what you compost to prevent foul odors. Stick to plant matter- and go for a 50/50 mix of ‘wet-green’ (veggie trimmings and the like) and ‘dry-brown’ (dead leaves, dried flowers, and shredded newspaper). You may also wish to start with some potting soil to render the kitchen waste easier to bury every week or so.  If you keep up with this over the fall and winter, you should have some great starter soil come spring. 

Whether you are the dedicated veggie-patch style gardener or a simple windowsill herbalist, composting has an important place in eco friendly living. This labor of love allows you to grow better plants without relying on outside sources. It reduces your waste output while reducing the amount of soil you need to purchase for spring planting. No matter your space limitations, the humble compost pile can make gardening even more rewarding.

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