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Treat yourself to a natural bar soap made with real hazelnut oil and coffee beans for an indulgent and effective way to get your skin clean and healthy. The warm scent invites nostalgic relaxation at the same time as the soap cleanses and energizes your skin with its pure and natural ingredients, creating a bathing experience that is good for your body, your mind, and the environment.

Hazelnut oil, which is made from the fats released from hazelnuts, is valued in skin care as a carrier for other essential oils due to its silky feel and quick absorption, and its skin-softening properties make it ideal for the massage table. It smells wonderfully sweet and nutty, and the high content of Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, helps to soothe dry skin and regulate oil production. It is also used as a treatment for mildly oily skin due to its abilities to tighten pores and prevent skin from producing excess oil, and its moisturizing qualities mean that it cleans your skin without stripping it of necessary nutrients.

Coffee beans give this natural bar soap a heavenly smell along with some unique skin benefits. The caffeine naturally found in coffee beans can help to tighten loose skin and create a more even skin tone, and it also aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Finely ground beans act as exfoliants that safely remove dead skin cells from the upper layers of the face, and when applied topically by means of a natural bar soap, the ground coffee beans provide the perfect aromatic pick-me-up for your morning bathing routine. 

Our Hazelnut Coffee natural bar soap might be the most luxurious product in our line of Bath and Beauty Bars. Complete with an array of plant-derived oils to cleanse and condition your skin without over-drying it, this soap is perfect for all skin types.

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