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Natural aloe vera juice isn’t some recent discovery; like most plants it’s been around for ages, and it has a long history of healing. Herbal tonics and natural remedies abound. Virtually every culture and time period used certain plants to treat ailments and cure maladies as severe as cancer, but aloe vera is unique in its permanence. Unlike most local remedies, the use of natural aloe vera juice can be found, historically, all across the world—and perhaps more than any other plant, its fame and prominence has only grown in modern years.

The first record of aloe vera in ancient times was discovered on an Egyptian papyrus dating back to 1550 BC. The document described using natural aloe vera juice in beauty regiments and as an ingredient for twelve formulas that treated diseases. More recently, though, archaeologists have found a much older stone tablet in Sumatra that describes the plant: thought to be from 2100 BC, the discovery proved the plant has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years.

That’s striking in itself, but all the more so because of modern advancements and medical achievements. Antibiotics, synthetic creams, and other pharmaceuticals have exploded in popularity, but none have replaced aloe vera. It can be found not just in lotions and burn creams but curries, sodas, and yogurts. Everyone has a different theory on just how it heals and the limits of its treatment, but everyone agrees it affects and helps the body in a powerful way. Peddlers in the early 20th century certainly sold a lot of plants and remedies that did nothing to relieve pain or prevent infections, but aloe vera has a historical and medical reputation for being effective.

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